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Pro Comp Reviews Has All the Need to Know

When a person is looking to buy tires, Pro Comp Reviews  is the right destination. There are different types of tires such as the following: High performance tires, Mud and Snow tires, winter tires, all-season tires, all-terrain tires, and the spares.

The design of high performance tires are intended for high speed driving which are usually in turn intended for sports driving. According to tire articles that have been consulted for this article, the compound from which the rubber which is use in the design of a high performance tire is softer compared to other designs. This is for improved traction which is essential for high speed driving.  Of course softer rubber compromises the tread life which becomes considerably shorter. BFGoodrich Tire Reviews have all these details that are need to know and even information that are helpful to know.

The mud and snow tires are actually all the kinds of tires that are lumped together by manufacturers for the types of tires that can be used both in winter as well as any season. BFGoodrich Tire Reviews will tell you these things. These kinds of tires feature a softer tread compound as compared to those tires that are intended for the summer heat. The softer tread is there to provide a better grip or contact on ice and of course snow. Since this is intended for the colder season, this kind of tire has a shorter life span compared to other tires intended for high temperatures.

Car owner usually put chains around their tires for winter driving.  That is the traditional way to do it. But nowadays, there are also winter tires that come pre-installed with metal studs which provide additional traction. This is specially intended for roads surfaces that have turned to ice. The function of the studs in the tire is that they kind of crush the ice surface as little bit so that it would become rough and this in turn results to an improved friction between the ice and the tire.  Of course there are disadvantages to using studs since these studs damage the road surface quite easily. This is the reason why a lot of countries with worst winter season prohibit the use of such tires with this specific make and design. Yet there are still countries in Europe that uses such studded winter tires.  There are also winter tires that do not have studs. Therefore they rely mostly on the so called hydrophilic rubber when it comes to having more traction on icy roads. Pro Comp Reviews give more information about all the above-mentioned facts if you are one who likes to know a lot before deciding to buy your tire.